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Enforcement law is our main field of practice. Within the last three decades, our firm has carried out extensive debt recovery operations for local and international clients and pioneered the practice of cumulative debt recovery infrastructure in Turkey. Accordingly, we acquired an unprecedented reputation in this field both domestically and internationally.

Our team of debt recovery experts, provide fast and efficient recovery of receivables for our clients by the help of our technological and physical structure.

Within our department, there is a specific unit consisting of experts dedicated to only mortgage foreclosures and cases arising from such matters.

Our firm currently provides banks, finance institutions, holding companies and corporations all kinds of legal solutions for disputes that may arise from creditor ? debtor relationships.

Our services in this field includes:

  • Recovery of sunk receivables, non-performing loans or any type of individual / commercial receivables by settlement or judicial proceeding
  • Recovery of receivables by mediation or reconciliation
  • Recovery of receivables arising from bills of exchange, contracts, checking accounts or invoices
  • Recovery of receivables arising from leasing or fleet rental contracts
  • Cases of debt, restitution, replevin and detinue
  • Cases of annulment of objection, annulment of enforcement proceeding and negative declaratory actions
  • Exchange of all types of legal correspondence regarding enforcement and bankruptcy law
  • Foreclosures of mortgages, pledged properties, initiation of tenders, cases of annulment of tenders
  • Criminal cases arising out of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code
  • Suspension of bankruptcy and concordats
  • Bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Judicial sales of movable and immovable properties
  • Annulment of ownership cases

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