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Termination of Employment Contract due to Low Performance
26 Mart 2024

For an employer to be able to terminate the employment contract of an employee within the scope of job security, valid reasons must exist. Indeed, this situa

Recent Developments in the Field of Tourism Oriented Residence Rentals
01 Mart 2024


Increase in short-term housing rentals have led to a corresponding rise in disputes and informal transactions due to inad

Türk Parası Kıymetini Koruma Hakkında 32 Sayılı Karara İlişkin Tebliğ'de Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Tebliğ
01 Mart 2024

Türk Parası Kıymetini Koruma Hakkında 32 Sayılı Karara İlişkin Tebliğ (Tebliğ No: 2008-32/34)'de Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Tebliğ (2024-32/69), 32

Motorlu Araç İşletenin Hukuki Sorumluluğu
09 Şubat 2024

1. İşleten Kavramı

          İşleten kavramı Karayolları Trafik Kanununun 3. maddesinde “Araç

Information Note on the Law Regulating Rental of Residences for Tourism Purposes
02 Kasım 2023

Law No. 7464, which regulates the rental of residences for tourism purposes and makes amendments to certain laws, was published in the Official Gazette with

Seizure of Cryptocurrency
12 Ekim 2023

Nowadays, developments in technology and informatics have affected many areas of our lives. Although technology is not a concept that emerged in the 21st cen

Mortgage Types and Their Implications
17 Kasım 2023

In legal doctrine, the concept of mortgage is defined as a limited real right that aims to secure a personal debt, is not dependent on a valuable document, a

Occupational Disease and Compensation Claim
08 Kasım 2023

The obligation to take occupational health and safety measures in the workplace is one of the primary responsibilities encompassed within the broader duty of

Action for Annulment of Objection and Its Conditions
24 Ekim 2023

In cases of execution proceedings without a court order through general seizure, if the debtor raises an objection within the legal period, the execution is

Compulsory Right of Passage Lawsuit
02 Ekim 2023

In order to benefit from their immovable properties based on the right of ownership, owners must have access to their properties. If the immovable property d

Eviction of Tenant Due to Eviction Commitment
10 Ağustos 2023

As is known, even if a lease agreement is made for a specific period, it does not automatically terminate for residential and covered commercial property ren

Status of Jewelry Items in the Event of Divorce
08 Ağustos 2023

An ornament, made from precious metals like gold and silver, is defined as a decorative item worn by people. Judicial precedents from the Court of Cassation

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