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Sarı & Kılıç provides counseling and litigation services, especially to firms that are in business of providing goods and services to consumers such as retailers, mass merchandising, e-commerce and automotive industries at every stage before the Consumer Arbitration Commissions and the Consumer Courts within the context of the applicable legislation.

Our services in this field includes:

  • Preparation, examination and modification of sales and purchase agreements
  • Carrying out settlement negotiations of disputes arising from defective goods and services, preparation of notices, mediation and litigation before all legal authorities
  • Follow-up of disputes before the Consumer Arbitration Board and Consumer Courts
  • Disputes before the Consumer Arbitration Committee
  • E-commerce disputes
  • Disputes arising from subscription agreements
  • Disputes arising from dealerships and distributorships
  • Evaluation of consumer demands, complaints and applications and resolution of disputes
  • Disputes arising from the transaction of movable and real estate property
  • Disputes arising from distant sales agreements
  • Counseling regarding promotions, advertisements, campaign sale transactions, examination and revision of public announcements

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