Sarı & Kılıç Attorneys at Law was founded in 1990 in Istanbul by Hüseyin Sarı and Semra Kılıç Sarı and its main areas of expertise are litigation, legal consultancy and enforcement proceedings. The founders of Sarı & Kılıç have been practicing law for 25 years continuously. Besides litigation practice, Sarı & Kılıç took an active part in the establishment of the debt collection system and legal infrastructure of Boyner Group Companies in 1990 and since then debt collection proceedings have been conducted in Turkey. Additionally, Sarı & Kılıç started to work with the biggest state-owned and private banks in Turkey and Sarı & Kılıç pursued non-secured and secured debt collection proceedings on behalf of the banks. This practice has lead Sarı & Kılıç to gain considerable amount of experience in the field of debt collection and any other related matters.


Sarı & Kılıç consists of two main departments. Debt Collection Department offers legal assistance to the clients to collect their secured and non-secured debt either on behalf of banks or corporates; while Corporate Department provides its clients with legal consultancy services from the legal problems a company may face during its day- to – day operations to corporate law including international and national transactions and representation of the clients before the courts or any other relevant authorities. By 2010 the number of our associates exceeded 20 and in total the number of the employees exceeded 60. Sarı & Kılıç is still providing legal services to its clients with an understanding of an international vision, bound by the ethical and legal principles and accountable.